Did someone just spot Bigfoot in the Colorado hills?

Bigfoot is back in the news thanks to a Colorado news report, which has nothing to do with Halloween being right around the corner, which has made headlines around the world. 

In an extraordinary tale that unfolded on Sunday, October 8, two adventurers, Stetson Tyler and an unnamed companion, embarked on the Narrow Gauge train ride from Durango to Silverton. What began as a scenic trip through Colorado's rugged terrain transformed into a legendary encounter that would leave both believers and skeptics in awe.

Following their departure from Silverton and as they headed back towards Durango, the companion made a simple request, saying, "I asked Stetson to help me look for elk in the mountains." Indeed, the Colorado Rockies are known for their stunning natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

But as the train meandered through the mountains, a sudden thrill electrified the atmosphere. Stetson, with a mixture of astonishment and excitement, declared, "I think it's Bigfoot." An exclamation that would forever etch this day into their memories.

Bigfoot? Or a Halloween costume gone wrong? 

Seated beside Stetson was a passenger named Brandon, who wasted no time. With the reflexes of a seasoned documentarian, he reached for his phone and commenced recording the captivating event. On the other side of the window, the companion struggled with their camera, hoping to seize the moment for posterity.

The fruits of their collective efforts are now laid bare for the world to witness. As the companion mentioned, "Below is the video Brandon @bt92.travels got and the photos I took."

In the video recorded by Brandon, Stetson's unwavering conviction shines through as he declares, "I don't know about y'all, but We Believe!" These words reflect an unshakeable belief that they had, indeed, come face to face with the elusive creature known as Bigfoot.

Amidst the hundreds of passengers sharing the same ride that fateful day, only a handful—three or four, to be precise—had the privilege of witnessing this extraordinary sighting. For those who were there, the Narrow Gauge train journey became a legend in its own right, a tale to be recounted around campfires for generations.

The captivating account reminds us that the wilderness still conceals secrets and mysteries, and perhaps, the Colorado mountains hold more surprises than we can imagine. As one anonymous traveler put it, "I don't know about y'all, but We Believe!" The question remains: Do you?

Click here to see the original video.

All photos Shannon Parker via Facebook.


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