Stephan Meyer

Stephan Meyer (aka ActiveSteve) is one of Get Out There's original race and gear reviewers. While dreaming of a full­time career as a professional multisport endurance athlete spending all his time outdoors, he's settled for being a high­performing amateur in a wide range of sports.

Jack of all trades, master of none (well, maybe trail running), ActiveSteve has participated in all shapes and sizes of events, from multi­day adventure races, mountain bike races and trail ultras, to winter triathlons, loppets and multi­day ski marathons. With a resume stretching over a decade and a half, he has competed and/or podiumed in events around Canada and the world. Highlights include racing in Switzerland, Jamaica, and the U.S. in prestigious events like Leadville 100 MTB Race and the Trans­Rockies Run. In addition, given both his Swiss and engineering backgrounds, as well as his multi­sport and outdoor addictions he is also a great asset for reviewing gear. He has a penchant for details, and loves putting new gadgets and gear to the test in real­world conditions.

To keep tabs on him, you can check out his personal website at

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“Bluebird days give way to crystal clear nights. The world's an amazingly beautiful place, you just need to get out there and see it.”

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